Bunny - Wycheproof BoomerangsWycheproof is a small country town in Victoria, Australia. Wycheproof Boomerangs began in 1973 by Bernard Read (Bunny) in Wycheproof. Bunny had been throwing boomerangs for 13 years before commencing business making his own boomerang range.

Bunny competed in competitions throughout Australia and USA with his boomerangs, represented Australia in World Cups and traveled far & wide on sponsored boomerang tours. He had many titles to boast, some of which include Australian & Victorian Championships and many, many more. Bunny was tragically taken by cancer in 1994.

After Bunny’s passing, his daughter Leanne took the reigns and kept the family business alive.

Bunny’s grandson Jeremy, also a boomerang thrower, now makes all the boomerangs at the factory in Pyalong, Victoria. A family business of three generations of boomerang manufacturers.

We now visit schools and venues for our group workshops and boomerang throwing . Just give us a call and book a time and we would be happy to show your group how to throw our returning boomerangs.

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